Research project CAST

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a new software delivery model that revolutionises the way in which software is being designed, developed and consumed. An important feature that is lacking from the majority of today's SaaS provision platforms is the ability to sufficiently customise SaaS offerings in order to address the needs of specialised business domains.

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The introduction of customisability and extensibility in SaaS offerings by allowing third-party actors to integrate their own application code and create specialised solutions is currently a pressing requirement in the SaaS market. Conversely, the development of SaaS platforms that allow for full customisation and extensibility without compromising reliability and manageability is recognised as a major challenge.

The CAST project will carry out research towards the development of a framework for customisation of SaaS applications consisting of a reference platform architecture, methodological guidelines, and a suite of tools supporting the development and provisioning of highly customisable and reliable SaaS offerings.

  • Project duration: 1/3/2009 - 30/6/2011
  • Total budget: 1.08 million EUR
  • Funding programme: EUREKA Eurostars